I want great research to be accessible and relationships to be stronger. As such, I embrace “translational scholarship”–committed to working with excellent media outlets to ensure they’re getting excellent, current, and credible content. Although many researchers believe our obligations end with creating knowledge, I believe we have both an obligation and opportunity to advance the common good by getting the knowledge we create directly into the hands of people who want/need it.


For example: Relationship Reboot is a weekly segment on CBS/WCCO-TV’s Midmorning Show, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, with co-anchors Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse

Our Mission Statement: In Relationship Reboot, we (Carol Bruess, Ph.D., a researcher/author/professor of relationship communication and Kirsten Lind Seal, Ph.D., a researcher/professor/licensed associate marriage and family therapist) discuss contemporary topics essential for healthy, diverse relationships and respond to viewer relationship dilemmas. We offer accessible, research-based perspectives and clinical expertise to help individuals have intentional and happy relationships. We translate theory and research to support healthy human interactions and believe that strong and positive relationships create a more peaceful, desirable world. For a sampling of segments, see below. To find all 75+ episodes, search YouTube for “WCCO Relationship Reboot.”