Surely you’ve heard of the recent book “101 Nights” in which a couple, who intentionally tried to change their marriage by having sex 101 nights in a row, recounts their fun yet exhausting little experiment (hint: it does indeed change their marriage)!

Their story and strategy remind all of us that marriage is really about intentionality. Effort. Patterns. And how we create, change, or perpetuate them (the patterns, that is). And it’s not really at all about sex (although many couples agree more sex can’t hurt). What it’s about is making a choice to redirect your energy and enthusiasm back at one another. It’s so easy NOT to do so, isn’t it?

Carol recently was interviewed about the 101-night-couple’s attempt to change their marriage by having a bit o’ fun with themselves. The best part: During the interview they gave What Happy Couples Do a HUGE plug. Thanks, Frank Vascellaro of WCCO, CBS affiliate in Minneapolis. You rock!

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