One of my best friends of life – we grew up just steps from one another and have maintained connection over miles and years – just celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary this week. In an e-mail this morning she shared the juicy and inspiring details of what she and her hubby did to honor what has not always an easy road, to say the least. But, check it out: They know how to reconnect, celebrate, and embrace their long history (which involves a shared love of all things vino, european … and many kinds of european vinos!)

Received Sept 6, 2008 [my commentary and editorials in brackets]

Hey Ugly! [that’s our nickname for one another]
Yesterday we celebrated 15 years of marriage. All of them wonderful. ahem. My husband, who must have been in a competition for husband of the year award, planned a perfect short getaway. If I ever had a doubt, I now know he understands the simple things I love. We arrived at the Abbey resort near Lake Geneva late yesterday afternoon. I found 5 packages on the bed, all containing nice sweaters, shirts, skirts that are exactly my style and size. (as you know I rarely buy any clothes for myself). (I might have to return only 2). He then opened a bottle of wine (Malbec from Argentina) and we sat on the deck overlooking the lake. Then we went to dinner at a very cool European feeling restaurant. More wine. Back to the hotel. More wine. [I had to delete the next sentence to honor blogspot’s rules and regs] (Did I just say that outloud?) This morning we each had a one hour full body massage (separate rooms) after soaking in the hot tub together. Then we went out for lunch. Then on to a wine seminar featuring the wines from Argentina! We meandered home via a pottery shop. Then we stopped to buy some of the good wine we were just introduced to. I was very impressed and felt very spoiled! And I love it!
Are you back at work? Or do you get another year off to research something?!
See ya,
Uglier (but more relaxed after that massage)

– end e-mail –

Okay, husbands, wives, and partners of life: DO something to celebrate your love. Remember where you started. Remind yourself what the OTHER person loves. Take a step back. Take a time out of your daily grind. Your marriage is up to you (have you heard that before)? It’s worth repeating. And advice worth heeding.

Okay. So, I think I’ll go get 2 gallons of gas for our little fishing boat and take my husband for a surprise trip to the mississippi river today. How, though, can I sneak out and visit his favorite bait shop? I’ll figure something out. Because nothing gets him more excited that a fresh container of juicy nightcrawlers and seeing me – ewwww – stick one on a big pokey hook.

Wish me (and, more importantly, those innocent little crawlers) luck, eh?