Today was our 19th wedding anniversary!

What does one do to celebrate 19 years of bliss ( er, um, er, I mean 19 years of hard work, and some grumpy evenings, and many sweet love notes, and wonderful laughter, and arguments about how fast you drive or how much sleep children need)?

You get a snowblower, that’s what.

While I sort of – not really – looked high and low for the recommended 19-year-wedding-anniversary-gift (“Bronze” was suggested), we decided we should get a snowblower. Actually, it wasn’t even really an anniversary gift, but today happened to be the day to secure one. And how perfect the day, as more than 19 inches of snow blanketed our city over the past 3 days.

As I thought about it, a snowblower is an apt metaphor for what happy couples do.

It’s powerful (just like our relationship history). It makes things easier (like learning how to fight fair or repair when things get ‘stormy’). You don’t think about it most of the time (read: April – October), but when you need it, there’s no substitute (reminds me of “commitment” … the deep structure of all happily married souls).

I’ll spare you my other more trite associations, but you get the point: snowstorms in MN are inevitable. Being prepared is priceless.

Happy anniversary to me … and you (honey).