I (Anna) figured I’d update our loyal readers on my statistics test results. I earned a 95%. It’s safe to say I’m 100% satisfied! And so is my tutor. I never knew it was possible. Hard work does pay off. I was so overjoyed, I had to do the unthinkable (and what we tell our undergraduates not to do) and text Brent the good news during class. Isn’t technology amazing? Now that I’m back to Kentucky, my husband continues to tutor me using photos like the one above (a picture of the problem I was working on, taken with my poor quality iphone camera). He looks at the problem and figures it out at the same time. Then we compare our answers. I’ll be glad when this long-distance nightmare is over, but I enjoy the rituals we’ve developed at a distance, too. Near or far, rituals continue to be the heartbeat of our marriage.