We had the occasion last evening to chat with a man who has been very happily married for 58 years. He is an acquaintance who we (my husband Brian and I) have admired for many years. What an opportunity, we thought, to find out what yet another wise married person has to say about the truths of a long and blissful wedded life.

His advice?

“Be willing to say you’re sorry. And mean it.”

My husband quickly burst out with laughter: “I’ll be waiting a long time for that!”

What? I scowled at him with disgust, assuring our guests that I am surely and very capable of apologizing.

My dear groom clarified: “She’s always right; she never needs to apologize.”

Ah, indeed … the second secret of a happy marriage: make the other person appear greater than she really is.

Good advice, huh?