… while Anna was out bargain-maternity-shopping, I was home arguing with my loving husband (truly, he’s a rock star husband) of 17 years about walking in the house with (wet) shoes on, folding underwear (vs. tossing them in a pile), what we will (and, more often shouldn’t) let our teen and pre-teen children wear to church, and why I (note, I didn’t say “we”) think it crucial to frequently wipe the itsy-tiny-bits of soggy (yet annoying) splatters of lunch, breakfast and snacks off the backsplash (no, a backsplash wasn’t designed to DISPLAY the splash). Ew.

Ah, happy marriage. It’s in the DOing. Everyday. Every year. At every stage (pre-kids, kids, dogs, no kids, in-laws, laws, rules … all that and everything in between).

Whatever your stage, do it with a smile.

(insert happy smile here)