Last night, in the hip loft of the Mississippi Bean in St. Cloud Minnesota, Anna’s friends/parents/family and yet more dear friends threw us the most lovely book signing party/event/benefit one could ever dream of. The generous women of “We’ll Get It Done” – a local business what will ‘get done’ whatever you need to get done (and with unspeakable style and panache) – donated their time, energy, and creativity to pull off this memorable event. With a significant amount of the proceeds going to Anna Marie’s Women’s Shelter in St. Cloud, we all left with big smiles, bigger hearts, satiated appetites and feeling warmed to the soul by the generous love of Anna’s parents, family, friends, and neighbors. [ … pictures coming soon]

We, thankfully, also left with a number of empty boxes (having sold over 100 books in just a few short hours)! To the women and children at Anna Marie’s Shelter, we hope the inspiring messages in What Happy Couples Do will make all relationships safer, happier, and more joyful places to be (making the need for a place like Anna Marie’s non existent some day!)

Be well. And be good to others.