This is my amazing sister, Lynn! Can you tell how much my kids love her, their dear “aunt lynny” (!)

We know there are gagillions of other sister-pairs/trios/quads/quints out there who share unique ways of loving and staying bonded like only sisters can!

If you are one of them ….

… call us, e-mail us, and/or post a blog comment, telling us about the really cool, creative, and special activities you and your sister(s) share.

Do you get together regularly?

Do crazy things repeatedly?

Have your own language?

Have an annual get away?

Have an inside joke? (be sure to tell us the punch line!)

Have a favorite treat?

Do something unique for birthdays or celebrating?

Do something only the two of you know about?

Have a unique way to stay connected, time and again, over the years and miles?

We want to hear from all you sister out there who embrace each other (in small or big ways), over and over again, as if you were your own little culture … of 2, 3 or 4. Calling all sisters, sistas (best girlfriends), and sistahs (however you define those women in your life who are precious like sisters are designed to be)!!! Talk to us!