… for “Who Wrote the Book of Love”? We can (have been all day) after a singing telegram (yes, someone still does those!) was delivered at Carol’s door this morning at 9 a.m. (yes, today is Saturday) by an adorable (okay, let’s just call him VERY handsome) young man in a top hat and tails (yes, a full tuxedo and tall gorgeous top hat!) singing “Who Wrote the Book of Love ..”

Why? Because he was holding the very first copies of What Happy Couples Do (Yes!!! A first glimpse at our new baby)!

Who else, but Steve Deger (our editor at Fairview Press), would craft such a thoughtful and creative introduction to our firstborn book? Who else would treat us, two first-time authors, with such loving attention? Yep — that’s Steve. Maybe it’s the makings of a new ritual? (no pressure, Steve).

Oh, and our book? It’s absolutely dreamy (can’t wait to show you all)! Yes, we’re living a dream. Please don’t wake us up.