We just received a submission on our website about a really creative – and beautifully metaphorical – family ritual submitted anonymously by a mom of two kids. It is a must-share!

The mom explains that when her children were at the age where they were starting to pick up on swear words, she had a brilliant idea one day as she was waiting in line for the car wash, kids happily buckled in the back seat. She instructed her kids: As soon as we’re in the car wash, you can spout and shout out as many swear words as you wish! But when we emerge, there is no swearing. Ever (until our next wash).

At first, she writes, the kids were dead silent in the back seat, likely wondering if she was serious or not. Then, to her delight, one of them tried out a rather mild word. No reaction from mom. Quickly, each kid began saying as many swear words as he or she knew. But it all stopped once the water stopped and the door to the wash lifted.

To this day, this family uses the car wash as a safe time, place, and space to cleanse themselves of all the bad words they might like to say at other times!

Creative, practical, and proactive, don’t you agree?

And yet another reasons for getting that car of yours nice and shiny clean ….