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Fearless America: Setting America free one town at a time.
Thursday 9/10/09
7-9 PM (Doors open at 6:30)
The Radisson Hotel, Roseville.

Emmy-award winner, Oprah repeat guest, bestselling author, NY Times ‘America’s Favorite Life Coach,’ Rhonda Britten, is bringing the Fearless America tour to Minnesota.
With Americans in fear over the economy, health care, housing and so much more she’s decided, as a globally recognized expert on fear, to bring her fearless message to the twin cities.

Fear can be paralyzing diminishing our self-esteem and ability to make powerful decisions about our lives. She wants to support folks by showing them how fear operates, how it can be dismantled and what to do about it in any and all situations. It will be an interactive two-hours on September 10th in Roseville, MN.

If you or anyone you know are stuck, bogged down, facing hardship, please come and hear Rhonda speak and get practical tools that are immediately useful.

She looks forward to sharing ‘how to be more fearless in these fearful times’ with you.

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