We (Carol here) are in the middle of renovating a big old house. It’s a combination of “What were we thinking?” and “This is incredibly fun” and “Holy cow, how many staples did they need to put down carpeting?”

It’s also a bit of my dearest husband and I having a nice little set of arguments about, well, everything from “Wear the damn earplugs before using the sawsall, seriously.” and “How much did you spend on that fixture? Stop spending money!”

But … alas … in the midst of painting, demolishing a kitchen, pulling up carpeting, stripping wallpaper, yanking up staples and then back for another layer of painting (and, of course, baking many pans of brownies for all the people helping paint/demolish/strip/yank), I recalled the stunningly sly advice of my dear friend Molly, first shared in our Tuesday Sept 4, 2007 blog. Suga, you are so wise.

Readers, go back and find this post; it’s worth it (moving/constructing/yanking/painting or not).

Long live the construction bounce!

Anyone know a good piano mover?