Okay, so this feels a bit anti-climactic after our Oprah post moments ago, but I (Carol) have been dying to tell you about one of my “Favorite Things” (yes, I know I’m not Oprah). But must share what my dear and super-smart friend Molly (one of my favorite people!) found. It’s called “Clean Well” and it’s an all-natural-alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Yes, I’m this excited about it! It sprays on in cute, light little squirts. Proven to kill 99.99% of germs (that’s what the bottle says anyway). Naturally. Instantly. Made with “Ingenium” (whatever that is). And it smells like a lemon Altoid (vs. gel vodka). Try it! You can buy it at Target (one of our favorite stores, of course).

I introduced this product to my eager and bright-eyed group of first-year college students taking my public speaking class this morning. I don’t think they, based on their facial expressions of disbelief and confusion as I walked about and sprayed all their finger tips, thought it was nearly as cool as I did. But I’m sure I killed at least 2,589 germs. Amen for that.