One of my undergraduate students is doing a super cool research project: investigating how couples use Facebook and other social media tools to share the big news of their couple-lives. She’s asking couples when/how/if they do so and how family and friends like (or not) digitally hearing things like “We’re engaged!” and/or “We’re having a boy!” and/or “We just bought a little brick bungalow” and/or “We’re expecting quads!”

During her search for “what’s up” in the academic literature on the topic as well as in the lives of couples around the country, she ran across a super creative DIY happy couple “status update” approach, featured last July as video of the week on the Brides Magazine ( website. It is just too cute not to re-share here. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Maybe there’s a new book idea in Joe and Emily’s approach? What Happy Digitally-Savvy, Facebook-Using Couples Do. Okay, maybe not.

What is for sure: Joe and Emily, whoever you are, two thumbs up for your fresh start to your new life together. And as a thank you for making me giggle, here’s an offer. Send me ([email protected]) a little e-mail, I’ll send you a gratis and personally inscribed copy of little old What Happy Couples Do! Let’s see how many degrees of separation this blog post is from Emily and Joe of the video. Ready, set … let’s find them (digitally, of course).