Yes, we are both sort of academic yahoos. No, not crude or boorish (we hope). Just, per the definition “not very intelligent” outside of our area of specialty. We know.

But we also have two bits of academic news that has made us both exclaim to each other and anyone who will listen: “YAHOOO!”

First, Anna just had a paper submitted to a conference be selected as a “TOP PAPER.” It might not sound like a big deal. But it is to us geeky academics. As a graduate student, to receive a top paper award is huge. And it gets even better: on the panel right after her will be presenting two of the biggest wigs in our field. BIG. HUGE. LARGE yahoooo, Anna!

And second, as I alluded to a few weeks ago in our blog, big news on my (Carol’s) academic front as well. I was just awarded the biggest faculty grant awarded to folks at my institution. Beginning next year, I’ll be a “University Scholar.” And here’s the most significant part of the deal: Half-time teaching for the next 3 years so I can dedicate the other half of my work time to writing and research. A HUGE yahoooo for Anna and I as we work toward writing more books. And developing our own theory. And presenting at conferences with a bunch of other communication yahoo’s.

Life gives us so many reasons to yell yahoo. Thanks for listening to ours!