Marriage. Something you, since you have found your way to this blog, might be at least mildly interested in learning more about?! If true, read on.

One of our favorite authors and family studies scholars — Dr. Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage: A History — How love conquered marriage — just published a brief and intriguing article that encouraged us to pause and reflect on the state of this thing we call “marriage.” The article also, of course, highlights the challenges (contemporary and age-old) that make this fascinating partnership one that continues to baffle many of us, intrigue most of us, and be the greatest challenge in life to the majority of us (yes, we mean us too!). The topic also calls for all of us to seek out the volumes of credible and reliable research (yes, it’s out there) on how we each can make our own modern marriages and families as successful, happy, and joyful as they can be. Long-term happiness … what a beautiful proposition.

Take a moment to consider this complex, contemporary and wonderful thing we call marriage: