Once again, Carol and I have been spoiled by our editor, Steve! He surprised us with advance copies of our new book, What Happy Parents Do (coming to stores in August). Nestled in the package was another surprise: A custom-printed gold ribbon with the inscription “What Happy Parents Do 1st Place (tie) Author Award!”

That Steve, he never misses an expression or nuance! You see, when he told us, many months ago, that the Parents edition would sport a gold ribbon page marker, Carol’s spontaneous e-mail response was: “Funny, but when you (Steve) said ‘gold ribbon’, I pictured ‘first place’! It must be the old competitive swimmer in me, always hoping for winning more ribbons.”

Thanks Steve, for honoring the ribbon-seeking side of our souls. How many times will you make us remark, “We’re the luckiest authors on the planet!”?

And the book? It’s another work of art, thanks to Fairview Press. Can’t wait for it to be on the shelves so you can enjoy it too!