Today is our 18th wedding anniversary! (Carol and Brian, married December 13th, 1991)

Yes, we are a happy couple because – no question – we keep working on it every day. We also don’t let the 13th of December pass by without our loving little ritual: A review of our very poor quality but highly valuable (to just us) wedding video. We are, as I type, sitting on the sofa together, devouring a bowl of popcorn and recalling the evening with great fondness. Our kids joined us for about 20 minutes total of tonight’s viewing until my son declared “Okay, I’ve seen enough” and our daughter kindly and sweetly uttered “Do I have to watch this anymore?” Secretly, I know they enjoy the warmth and security of seeing their parents still in love after 18 years even though they don’t equally enjoy the blurry and quite raw footage of their wedding mass and reception. To us, the video is rather perfect: a documenting of the day we donned our best attire, danced the night away, and decided that we’d forever work – moment by moment – to appreciate the little and precious moments together. Are we always successful at doing so? Heck no. But we keep trying. And tonight – hurray for marriage and popcorn – is one of those moments we sure are enjoying.

Kids, time for bed.