My besties have always given me solid and tailored advice, the most recent being “Don’t go see the movie Contagion!” While the entertainment might be excellent, they know me too well: I’m already a tad freaked out by those tiny little things called germs. Ewww.

What I AM fond of is the research suggesting that happiness is contagious; and the research about how crucial it is, as a couple, to surround yourself with happy/healthy people who affirm you as a couple; and the research which confirms that having friends over is one of the key factors in happiness.

So, why don’t we all do that – have our friends over – more?!

My husband and I asked ourselves that very question about 3 weeks ago.

And we answered it by, on a whim, by making invitations, sending them out, and throwing a “For No Reason” party. Inspired by our magical friends Jim and Bridget (see post from August “This is Big”), we gathered up a bunch of the affirming, fabulous, happy, smart, funny couples and singles and … for no reason, well, except that their joy and happiness was contagious and thus we are better for them … had a blast making the most of a mundane, non-holiday, no-purpose, beer-on-tap, average wine, easy snacks, balmy fall evening.

Thanks to all you cool people in my life. Because of you, we’re a happier couple. That’s the kind of contagion I like.

Let’s do it again soon, k? Before we do, get your flu shots already.