Maybe some of them do. And last week, we did too, thanks to our dear friends and neighbors who insisted we try out their Eurocamper for our annual journey to Northern Minnesota (Ely). How do we look? (keep in mind, if you answer, that this photo was taken after 6 days of not showering, sharing an outhouse with 17 extended family members, and fighting off flies, ticks, deadly mosquitoes, spiders, otters, bears, bats, deer, and 13 of our loving extended family members).

Peace out, everyone, and get yourself a VW van (absent the hub caps) if you can. Or, if you don’t actually want to own one, move in next to someone who does! Thanks, “Great Man,” for the loaner. You are the peaciest guy I know.

P.S. Arrived home to find boxes of What Happy Parents Do greeting me at my doorstep! Want a signed copy? Just let us know ([email protected]) and we’ll have them inscribed to all of the happy parenting couples in your lives. Peace, all.