This happy parent (Anna) realized something this morning.

My hubby and I have mastered the art of descending the stairs of our glorious, new-to-us, old dream home in just the right way so they don’t creak! Here are the rules:

1. Walk sideways.
2. Step on your tiptoes.
3. Step as far from the edge of the step as possible.
4. Skip the third step from the top. It’s not worth the risk.
5. Try synchronizing your steps with the artificial ocean waves sound we have playing.

How ridiculous are we?!

I know, I know. They tell you to be as loud as you can be with babies so they learn how to sleep through anything. We tried. It worked for several months. And then it didn’t work anymore. Somehow he turned into the type of baby who wakes up when Daddy’s ankle cracks when putting him in the crib. How? No idea. How to change it? We’ve tried everything.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love mommyhood. So much it hurts. But today I feel tired. So tired, in fact, that I cried when there was no apple cider in the fridge. My little “Happy Couples Are Fulfilled” glass – just waiting to be filled – was mocking me! My hubby and I then started laughing.

Get some sleep, you say? I wish that solved it. I’m not tired because I didn’t get enough sleep (9 glorious hours), but because I just want a lazy day. One of those days that you keep pressing play on the DVD player because you’re so enthralled with the new tv series you rented on netflix. One of those days that Carol has never experienced because she’s never lazy!

All this to say, I am so thankful for my happy marriage. Because happy marriages make for happy parents! We certainly are fulfilled, as my little glass reminded me this morning (hey, we were able to laugh about it. That counts, right?). With or without apple cider. Fine, it’s even better with apple cider.

Happy Sunday.