According to Social Exchange Theory, we often calculate the “worth” of our relationships by calculating – usually subconsciously – the costs and rewards of said relationships.

In the past 2 weeks, I (Carol) have been calculating the the literal, social, and psychological costs and (I keep telling myself) “rewards” of being a dog lover with a pup who is puking and pooping dark liquid all over my wool rugs, a mom whose beautiful daughter acquired a case of head lice, and a loyal wife whose husband who comes in from the back yard and announces: “I’ve got a little problem” (translation: “I just broke my leg”):

1. Licemister Comb: $2.89
2. Gallon Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $17.99 (the “natural” way to kill a louse)
3. Shower caps (to contain the dripping olive oil): $1.09
4. 3 rolls of paper towels: $3.33
5. PetSmart Rug deodorizer/cleaner: $8.99
6. Trip to Vet: $148.00
7. Rx for the dog: $39
8. Gallon of Bleach: $1.49
9. Trip to Urgent Care (including X-rays of broken fibula): $769.00
10. Set of 6′ 4″ chrome crutches: $89.00
11. Rx for husband (20 ct. Vicadin): $6.04
12. Loving your family so much that you don’t even think twice about the above “costs” = Priceless.

Thanks for listening. I’d write more, but I’m off to go do a little more “nit picking,” “rug doctoring,” and “nursing” of my patients.