Okay, so no one wants to hear any more about the big fridge that nearly tackled my own marriage. No worries, I’m done writing about the fridge (it’s in, cooling, and fabulous). Done.

Instead, click below (or copy and paste in your browser – it’s worth it) to read the fabulous Op Ed in the New York Times yesterday called “How Marriage Survives.” Justin Wolfers provides a smartly researched and rather compelling look at contemporary marriage rates, the un-effects of the economy, and the way we couple-up in the 21st century. I (Carol) give it a big old thumbs up (just like my husband is now gesturing toward our new fridge, because it easily holds an entire case – in the box, no rearranging required – of his favorite beverage AND all of the green leafy things I make my kids and him consume too).


I love research, don’t you? It gives us clues and answers, sometimes for things we didn’t even know we had questions about.