… above is a word-art depicting key themes from our blog over the last many months (created for all of you who haven’t been keeping up, have a short memory, have a ‘give-me-the-gist-kind-of-personality’ or, like me, crave things in mini-version). Cool, eh?

I thought so. And you can create your own “wordle” at http://www.wordle.net with whatever words you like! For instance, students of all ages and grades: Think about putting a wordle on the title page of an upcoming essay? Copy and paste your original manuscript into Wordle.net, select a template, and wordle will identify and design, in seconds, your key words into a workle (my term) of art, sure to get the attention of your teacher or prof! (note: If any of my — Bruess’ — students are reading, I’m impressed already).

A+ for wordle.