Although nothing I’m about to write is actually “true” or “proven” or necessarily supported or even addressed in the family social science/marriage research, what I’m about to say FEELS true … and conventional wisdom has it to be somewhat true … and I’d like to think we (Carol, and my darling husband) have accomplished a FEAT and thus if this were true we can brag we’re victorious over another of marriage’s large hurdles:

92% of all couples who remodel an entire kitchen WHILE LIVING IN IT will end up divorced.

No, that’s not true. Or maybe it is? No one has ever documented the connection between marital longevity and kitchen remodels. But, based on very unscientific conversations of all the stress, choices, disagreements, missed bids-for-connection, $ spent, appliance-caused arguments, more choices, knobs, counter-top-conflicts … the list is long … it seems that that statistic must be fact. A dissertation topic, perhaps?

Here’s what I do know: WE MADE IT! Our kitchen is (basically) done and we are happy as ever despite our on-going argument about the positioning, installation, and reality of my vintage library ladder on the south end near and over the windows, the ladder that needs some creative engineering and has caused many a contemptuous eye-rolling by both parties in this kitchen remodel. (Damn it: the library ladder is going to be SO COOL! So let’s get ‘er figured out already, honey. Ok? … said with a happy couple smile and soft tone of voice, of course).

Here is it: one of our marriage hurdles … overcome!

(I’ll post more when the very-cool-way-creative-super-neat-library-ladder-to-get-to-the-cookbooks is finally installed). Check back!