That’s what I (Carol) like to call both January AND February. Little days. And little days, to me, are the happy days. What about you?

Because happy days are days with no holidays to be fretting over (minus February 14th … but no need to fret. Just love).

And no big turn of the calendar.

Nothing that big. Just time inside. With ourselves. A cup of hot liquid. And a newspaper. And with friends for no occasion. To regroup. Rethink. And, we hope, re-rack (that’s what it’s called when you go to bed after officially getting up for the day).

What if we all were able to capture the beauty in the little moments of those little days?

Like one of my BF’s and, lucky me, neighbors – Betsy – does on an impressively regular basis in her blog about the funny/daily/real-time quotes of her kindergarten daughter, Claire. Check it out. It will make you smile. Because the little moments are really very big when we appreciate them, no?

[A final note to Claire: I’m totally not going to tell my kids about your idea of keeping all of your old band aids on a sheet of paper, even though I think the effort is commendable.]