Two things: I (Carol) have an obsession with making “it” lovely (my house, my office, my toes, my dog’s hair, my marriage … everything. Except my handwriting. I produce the scratchiest, sloppiest notes. Not sure why).

Anyway, today, as I was enjoy the last hours of the PERFECT summer day (cloudy, warm, wanting-to-rain and … the most important detail: my dear groom and beautiful children left me home alone for the weekend while they went to the cabin). Alone! All by myself. Ahhh. Alone to grow the Zen in my soul, scrub floors and toilets, and just sit – with nothing more than the Star Tribune and the latest issue of Scientific American Mind (ok, Martha Stewart Living too) on the screen porch. Did I mention I was all by myself? Ahhh, again.

At one point this weekend, while all by myself enjoying the sounds of my peaceful garden fountain, I came across two of the greatest little sights (one was actually a “site”). First was the lovely little sight of three precious gems out my pixy urban garden. They greet you at the front door where you rest your keys. Second was the most lovely little website, called, the blog spot of some woman who created and owns a papergood/gifty company called Pink Loves Brown, Rush to it. I have no idea who she is, but she has an enviable design sense and illustrates the loveliest greeting cards, note pads and other adorable and oh-so-(not really, but really indeed) necessary products for a lovely little life.

So, the real inspiration for this blog was to reflect on how we each might make our marriages a bit more lovely. Have you done anything this week to make life even a little more lovely for you and/or your spouse?

Tell us about it! Seriously. Post a response and share a lovely little gesture you’ve made for or toward your partner recently.

I’ll start: While cleaning today (all by myself) I arranged my husband’s contact solution, case and extra little bottles in the shape of a smile. Hope he notices. If not, I’ll smile anyway.