Rituals, as you know, come in all shapes and sizes. Exist between all members of friendship groups and family groups. And are sustained with nearly anyone and everyone to whom we’d like to pay homage.

Here’s a great story of how one mom pays homage to her children and their unique mother-child bond, in an on-going storytelling ritual that not only commemorates each child’s birthday, but, in so many ways, the process of becoming.

A mom (age 46, mother of a 13 year old boy and 10 year old girl) wrote:

“Each year on the night before my children’s birthday, I tell them the story of the day they were born. They have come to look forward to this ritual! As I tuck them into bed, I give them the play-by-play of everything I did the day they were born. I tell them about what I did, how it felt going into labor, getting ready to go to the hospital, what their dad was doing, arriving at the hospital, the actual delivery, who came to visit, how we picked their name, and finally the day we brought them home. They both love to hear all the details. It is a special time between me and them. I love telling the story and reliving the excitement of bringing a new life into this world!”

Isn’t this purely wonderful? Positively adorable? Absolutely worth stealing and doing with your own kids? Yes. Yes. Yes!