That was the title of the book my 8-year-old authored for and about me, presented lovingly next to a bowl of oatmeal and a chocolate chip scone in bed yesterday morning. Also on the tray were 3 homemade gift certificates (from the whole gang): 1) a certificate to spend an entire day with said 8 year old (doing whatever she wants); 2) a certificate to go to a spa (I like the sounds of that); and 3) while at the spa, my husband and son will hire a professional “mouse extractor” (the child-friendly way to say mouse-killer) to “extract” the little guys who have made our home theirs this winter … and now spring … and forever more if we don’t get a professional in here soon.

Back to the book. Here it is in total (no edits):

Title: Mother’s Day is Hear!

Mother’s day is hear. The big parade is hear! And my mom is the leader and the baton twirler.

Finally it’s time to go to church, the special mothers day saramony. All the moms are dressed so nice. My mom is the nicest.

Mothers day is over and I wish it was still going on. But my mom is a vary happy mom just like she always is.

The End.

[Translation: My mom used to be in the rifle twirling squad and so naturally she could lead a parade while twirling a baton. And my mom spends a lot of her lame salary on clothes. And my mom is always smiling, even when she’s crabby.]

Hope you found a way to honor your unique and lovely mother, whatever her special talents (or disposition)!