… because I (Carol) totally outed him in the front page story of our “local” newspaper, The Highland Villager (60,000 readers). Yesterday’s edition positioned What Happy Couples Do as top-of-the-fold news (very cool)! But, not-so-cool to my husband is the cold hard fact that the reporter reveals, in the very first paragraph no less, that I am the regular winner of one of our loving little ritual games. In fact, I almost always win. It’s SO true. Yet my loving and beautiful husband likes to think – and I think he really believes – that in our Happy Anniversary Contest, a monthly competition to see who can say “Happy Anniversary” on the 13th of each moth, the day of our wedding 16+ years ago, he is ahead. Here’s the truth: My score – if we were keeping tally, which we’ve agreed not to – is so high and grand it’s not even funny (insert loving little laugh). But don’t tell anyone; 60,000 people is quite enough.

Honey, are you reading my blog? I love “mu”!

What healthy and loving little games do you and your partner or spouse share that keep your marriage fit? Do tell, so we can tell millions of others.