Yes, yes, yes. It’s that time of year for academics to make a clean start! We head into fall with great optimism, a renewed sense of “let’s get on with the learnin’,” clean desks, sharp pencils and a fresh perspective on the year ahead. A significant part of my “back to school” pledge to you, loyal happy couple readers (insert big HEART), is at least one post per week for the next 10 months.

I know – wow. That’s a big promise. Especially after nearly abandoning you for the past 5 months. But, alas, I owe it to you followers and, well, to myself; your comments – both in person and via email/post/reply – make me a happier person! And, truth revealed, this year is looking quite sweet in the world of this happy academic: I’m on a one-year sabbatical from teaching to work on new books (stay tuned) and new research (all about happy relationships, of course). As such, I’m dedicated to a (re)newed focus on blogging about all the fabulous findings about relating I’m reviewing as I go about my projects. Let’s get to it, eh? …

And why not start with that oh-so-dreaded-emotion — when it’s coming at us — anger.

I’m linking below to one of those “ah … stinkin’ smart!” explanations about basic communication between couples. A dear friend sent this along the other day. Her subject line: “Thought of you.” My thought when I read the April 23rd post by Peter Bergman (“What to do when you’ve made someone angry”): “Must share with Happy Couple readers! Like pronto.” 

Don’t skip this one; it’s a wicked smart and crazy simple (but brilliant) explanation and formula. I’m actually looking forward to my next argument so I can test drive the rock solid advice of Ken Hardy, marriage therapist featured in the piece.

And to all you readers, I hope you’re happy I’m back in the WHCD saddle. Giddy up!