In my email inbox last night, oh yea, was a message from the founder of the 22-stores across 11 states Hot Mama.

What did she say? Oh, just that they have ordered What Happy Couples Do for ALL of the their 22 stores to be sold and beautifully displayed at their cash wraps.

Why? Because they saw the lovely connection between their mission (“Empowering Moms”) and how our happy little couple book, as Megan the founder wrote, “… reminds us of the importance of nurturing relationships with our spouses, even after we become moms.”

Oh yea! Right on, sister.

I love Hot Mama. And in the interest of full disclosure, I felt that before they found our books.

SHOUT! Squeal. YAY! Hot.

P.S. the books will arrive and be displayed, it sounds, in about a week. Oooo … we sure love Valentine’s Day here in happy couple land.