Last weekend we got to (finally) meet our new nephew, six week old Joshua John (or Joshy Bear, as we tend to call him), and spend time with nearly 3 year old nephew Jacob (as you can see, he, like my brother, is a big fan of the Packers). Aren’t my three favorite men adorable? We had the best time hanging out with Jeff and Julie, my brother and sister-in-law. I miss the new family of four already! We were able to see some of our favorite friends, too.

Brent, or “Baby Hog,” as I began calling him, set a timer for 15 minutes when it was my turn to hold the baby! That way, he figured, Joshy would return to his cradled arms quicker. Not fair, I say! But, nonetheless, very cute. Another highlight was taking Jacob to Wash Park, a very cool and beautiful area–one we’d consider living near, if we ever moved to Denver–where he frolicked in the flower garden and we slid down the slide together. They’re both at such fun ages. We can’t wait to take another trip out there!