Why is it that we are willing to spend so much energy, time (and money!) having our babies, toddlers, and graduating seniors captured in professional photographs yet we almost never (after our wedding day) have our coupleness — our marriages — documented in a similar way? All of us who have kids know that we have (countless) photographs of our kids on their first day of school, on their birthdays, of their special events (piano recitals) and of the mundane moments (rolling in the leaves). Why don’t we, as couples, create a yearly ritual of having ourselves — our loving culture of two — documented in the same way?

One of my (Carol’s) favorite photographers (and people!) of all time is Claire Kayser (www.clairekayser.com). Her photography and spirit will inspire you — if you’re not already — to go ahead and develop such a ritual. Invest in your marriage. Document its legacy. If you don’t, who will?