… graces the cover of our next book (What Happy Parents Do: The Loving Little Rituals of a Childproof Marriage)! And who is pushing the pram? Wait until you see! It’s adorable. Loving. Happy. In this one image the artist captures “what happy parents do” with simplicity and complexity in this luscious design. And do you know who’s responsible? Yep, it’s Steve (our editor, for those of you new to this blog).

For those who aren’t new to our blog posts, do you think we blog too much about our editor, Steve Deger? If so, oh well. We love him. He, once again, deserves a big happy hug for commissioning and directing the original art (and being patient with our chase for just the right color scheme, only to come back to the ones he first proposed) for the next cover. If anyone knows how to shriek via e-mail, it’s Anna and me (in response to Steve’s latest good news and/or great ideas!) And indeed, he’s done it again. Can’t wait to show you the insides (and outsides) of book #2 (which we’ll post on our website soon. So stay tuned)!