I (Anna) am writing this blog only because my loving little colleague (Carol) set me up for this in her post a few days ago!

When most people think of a “pub” they think of laughter, friendship, and tippin’ a few back, right? To us nerds, however, a “pub” translates to “publication” in a refereed academic journal, one of the highest prizes in academia. Although I’ve published beautiful and smart books (with my beautiful and oh-so-smart co-author Carol), publishing in academic journals can be more like self-torture. At times, I’ve wanted to poke my eyeballs out. Luckily, with eyeballs in tact, the recent news that I and some colleagues will have an article in the upcoming Journal of Intercultural Communication makes the torturous late nights worth it … even though only a few fellow nerds will probably read it. The title of said publication, coming out later in 2008, is Navigating Dialectic Contradictions Experienced by Female African Refugees during Cross-Cultural Adaptation.

Time for a break at a real pub.