First, smoochy-kissy thanks to all you fun blog fans who came to What Happy Couples Do Tuesday night! The crowd was 250+ strong and you, of course, were my favorite peeps in the whole group. Every one of you. Even though I don’t necessarily know who you were. But in spirit, anyway, I was grateful that your happy faces were in the auditorium. Did you like?! Feedback is always useful for making improvements in future talks.
( image, Swanheart).

One of the topics I raised Tuesday – and have often in this blog – is the yet-to-be-fully-understood connections between our physiology, biology, hormonology (new word I just made up), anthropology (all of those sciences and more) and our relationships. So, the equation of Science + Love = ?? I want to know the answer … I mean answers (plural, surely). It’s a fascinating set of interdisciplinary questions that are quite intriguing, no, if we’re considering ALL of the variables for creating/sustaining happy couples?

Today one of my favorite neuropsychologist colleagues – Roxanne – sent me a live chat link hosted on Science Magazine’s webpage called “The Science of Love.” Okay, fascinating stuff here. Take a look. Why not then comment on the most fascinating thing you learned? We can start our own little ‘love-chat’ about the science of happy couples, eh?