I know, I know. I’m SLOW on the posts lately. It’s quite sweet to hear from those of you who miss them, though. My only excuse is actually a quite practical and fabulous one, I’d say: the life of an involved mom and partner co-raising two teens is, well, quite involved. The good news: it’s also a quite lovely time of life and I’m enjoying every nutty moment. Okay, I just lied. I don’t enjoy every moment. But, probably about 94% of them. Not bad. But not good when you’re wanting to be an active blogger and sharer-of-happy-relationship-knowledge.

But, let’s get to the point. This happy post is best made – and rather quickly too – by simply quoting an email from a student and received two days ago. Why it made this happy-couple-researcher-author quite delighted is, well, self-evident:

Dr. Bruess, 

I am excited to tell you what happened over thanksgiving weekend. I have been babysitting for this wonderful family for years. It is a family of six and they have the most beautiful children with so much talent, and you can literally feel the love and warmth in their home. The mom inspires me because she is so put together and on top of things and I know she works very hard at her marriage and for her kids. Anyways, I was babysitting overnight and _______ (the mom) insisted I sleep in her bed and she laid out all this blissful bath stuff so I could relax, just so adorable. Then on her bed stand was your book “What Happy Couples Do.” I wasn’t the least bit surprised that she read the book because she and [her husband] are clearly a happy couple. 

The moral of the story? Take the time to send nice emails of little moments to those in your life you adore, appreciate and love. I’m not saying this student adores, appreciate and loves me. But … well … it’s quite nice to receive such a note (and, speaking from experience, sending them is even better)!

And if those emails you create and send happen to be about the secrets, moments and stories of happy couples, be sure to ‘cc me too.