Don’t worry, there are more chapters to come in the Kate and Pete story. But, I’m interrupting our regularly-scheduled programming to offer a seriously-appropriate sidebar to Kate and Pete’s story, one that so perfectly emerged in the New York Times last week and made me think precisely about the thoughtful, intentional work Kate and Pete and every other really happy couple in the 21st century is doing — must be doing — to enjoy the kind of happy marriage that was not a goal, and thus usually not a possibility, in centuries past.

But it is now (hint: if you put in the time and energy), and there is much interesting research and theorizing to explain how and why, most of it summarized quite perfectly in this recent piece. Enjoy! (… and then get back to working on your marriage; it’s worth it, as this piece will remind us, yet again!). P.S. Don’t overlook the parts where, basically, the research is saying engage in more rituals of connection. Whoop. Whoop!!

The All-or-Nothing Marriage by Eli J. Finkel