… does not increase your odds of being a happy couple (at least not in that moment). Especially when one spouse of said couple left the screen door open — just a tad, honey — for couple’s small-scale dog to roam in and out. Yes, it was just the perfect space for squirrel to make her entrance.

I have no research to back up the squirrel-in-house + couple = temporarily-not-so-happy. But what I do have (Carol here) is a lived-experience. Yesterday we had a live squirrel in our house! OMG.

It was brief. It was hilarious (now). It was a bit crazy. Scary. Funny. And also not so funny. But like everything in our 20 year marriage, it taught us something.

The lesson? Shut the screen door (HONEY!). Applicable marriage research? Humor is forever useful in stressful marriage situations. Summary of my experience? My husband is really swift with a kitchen broom. And amen he’s also quite adept at forgiveness.

(I’m also super happy the squirrel – I’ve named her Martha — didn’t jump up and try to lick my husband’s face. Oh, Fred, you’ll always be our one and only 5-lb-ball-of-furry-love).