An email from a colleague-friend the other day said “Just popped into Patina and saw your latest book. Must make you smile when you see it all over :-)!”

What makes me smile is when people put contagious-smiley-happy-emoticons in their emails (ok, and when spying the happy couple/parent/women books results in a grin on their faces of course).

The happy trio — What Happy Couples Do, What Happy Women Do, and What Happy Parents Do — have been spotted a bunch around town lately! The store people say … ah, what a treat … they often can’t keep them on the shelves. Yay!

If you’re not from around town, here is a peek at the hottest gift stores in Minneapolis/St. Paul. And, I’ll tell ya what, these are the stores where I’m doing ALL of my holiday shopping in the coming months. Sorry, family and favorite pals, I’m breaking my 12-year streak of only hand-made gifts. Instead, brace yourself for some cool, hip, Minnesota-made creative stuff.

Oh, and now back to our sweeeeet book sightings:

At Patina:

At Bibelot Shops:

And more at Bibelot
Happy Parents

At I Like You

And coming soon you’ll also find us in …. SHHHH … OH, that’s RIGHT … I can’t tell yet! Sworn to secrecy.

Check back, right before BLACK FRIDAY. Ewwww, I can hardly stand the excitement. Can you?