It’s something I (Anna) depend upon for survival. Especially while I’m working. It’s 1,000% more effective than caffeine, I’ll tell you that much. There’s just something about the energy derived from people focused on similar goals. Synergy is one of the many reasons I adore my friends from the University of Kentucky and the experiences we shared together. And I can’t help but find myself yearning for my fellow “synergists” from Kentucky. We’d find our spot in the library (one of my favorite places on earth) and work, work, work. And somehow we’d laugh, laugh, laugh our way to productivity. Check out my darling friends, Rachel and Shades, discussing a paper idea in William T. Young library.

And me. And Kelley. And my unpictured but not forgotten UK besties.

These days I’m craving synergy like I usually crave chocolate. Thank goodness for Carol! The energy she feeds me is priceless and unstoppable. I’m also reminding myself that marriages are also a perfect place to ignite some synergy. As John Gottman has found in his brilliant research on healthy and happy marriage, positivity begets more positivity. That’s synergy, folks! And I’m on my way to finding more as I continue my transition back to Minneapolis.