Whew. It’s wednesday and we (Anna and I) returned from New York City Monday night. Did you miss us? Some of you must have (thank goodness) because you’ve been asking us why we haven’t blogged. That’s rather satisfying.

So, why the delay in reporting all about our media madness journey?! Because … whew … we’re exhausted and exhilarated. Both at once. Yawn/Smile/Sigh/Giggle. That’s us. A mixture of grand emotions.

After 17 satellite TV interviews — broadcast from and to everywhere from Mason City, Iowa to some unknown city (to us) in New Mexico — followed by a really cool and lengthy podcast interview (check out the Wedding Podcast Network, linked to the right on this page. So VERY cool), we needed a big old Minnesota nap! Which we both got and now we’re here to tell you all about what’s going on, and what’s BEEN going on. First, let’s chat about NYC:

Traveling always points out why we live in MN:
1. No trash bags on the sidewalks. (ever notice how big black bags of garbage ruin the romance of a lovely little stroll?)
2. People actually drive their own cars and can find places to park within a reasonable walking distance (free of charge!)
3. When it’s cold, there is actually snow too.
4. Yards. People have yards. Even in the city. Yards. Everyone deserves one.

But there is so much to adore about NYC:
1. With a wave, some one stops to pick you up and take you wherever you want. In MN, people just wave back.
2. Caramel corn. Hot, gooey caramel corn. At least people told us where to get it. But we would have had to wave down a ride, and we were too tired to lift our arms. So we left hungry for some sticky-ooey-buttery carmel corn. Next time. When we’re back for an interview with Matt Lauer.
3. Deli’s with the biggest sandwiches you’ve ever seen. Truly. How can one person — in a single sitting — eat a full lb of turkey.
4. Friendly people. Really. Everyone was so incredibly nice. Not as nice as Minnesotans … but incredibly kind and helpful. We love kind people. Who doesn’t?
5. Seeing Anna’s brother (Mike) and his wife (Jill). The loveliest couple.
6, 7, 8, x 10 … we could go on and on.

Overall, it’s a wrap. We loved NYC.

And, we’re back … and on the media war path once again (two interviews today, two tomorrow … and a few sprinkled in between). Since this is getting long, we’ll dedicate our next blog to a full scoop on recent tv/radio/newspaper interviews … the people, the makeup, the lights, bad breath, and green rooms painted blue. Yes, blue. And not bluish-green. A true blue.

But who are we to complain?! Life is GOOD.