… actually, they speak Turkish in Turkey, the language in which What Happy Couples Do is going to be published (translated) next!

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. A publisher in Turkey is publishing our sweet little WHCD for the loving couples of Turkey! Of all the places in the world, who ever would of thought partners in Turkey are into belly button fuzz and bare-chested hugs. Or, maybe they aren’t … but will be soon! We don’t know many other details yet, except the publisher’s name (which we can’t pronounce, of course) and the fact that we can now say: “What Happy Couples Do, now in 2 languages and available all over the globe.” Seriously. That is a fun sentence to utter. And because we’ve had inquires from a Brazilian press as well as a Spanish press, that number might soon grow. We’ll keep you (cross-culturally) posted, as always.

Finally, doesn’t this news give your soul a little boost, reminding all of us that love and happiness know no boundaries and are – quite certainly – universal quests?

For now, a little author-love needs to go out yet again to Steve who makes all these deals seem like ‘aint nothin’ but a day’s work.” Gotta love ya, Deger.

And, at last, a toast to the estimated 60 million people of the world who speak Turkish! May you all read lots of books …