That was the question posed in one of my (it’s Carol writing here) favorite little magazines this month (Real Simple. You know, the one with the alluring subtitle: Life Made Easier) Who doesn’t desire a little life made easier? I’ve been a subscriber since its inception and seem to learn something simple or profound (or both) in each issue. About life. About relationships. About how to organize my wrapping paper or streamline the mitten basket.

This time (January 2010), it was the reader who responded to the query “What will you do differently this year” with a very Happy Couplesque statement: “I’m going to put my husband first.”

She explains: “We each work two jobs and have a family, volunteer and social commitments, so we’re exhausted at the end of the day. He deserves the best of me – not what’s left over after I’m done with everything else.”

Our spouses DO deserve the best of us. The first of us. The most of us. She’s so smart, isn’t she?!

I’m going to follow her lead and try to put my hubby first. It wont’ be easy and I’m not one to make New Year resolutions (more inclined toward moment to moment resolutions since those give me greater odds at succeeding!) But today … and the next 364 days … I’m going to resolve to put my spouse of 18 years (and 18 days, to be exact) before everything else.

Wish me luck.

How about you? Want to try too?

Happy(Couple) New Year.