Is all I (Anna) can ask myself tonight. It’s rather obvious, you’ll see. But funny nonetheless.

As I was tidying the bathroom after giving our son a bath, I noticed that my husband had placed his brush on top of the mirror above the sink, hoping it would stay hidden from me. My silly husband must think I’m even less observant than I really am. You see, I’ve been borrowing (okay, maybe pretty much exclusively using) his hairbrush. I didn’t think he minded. Until one day last week I noticed his brush was standing up, leaning against the side of the medicine cabinet, as if playing hide and seek. And boy did I seek. Did I note the traveling hairbrush as a sign that perhaps my hubby prefers I use my own brush? Yes. Did that stop me from using it? Not that day. So, apparently he had to take more extreme measures by finding a better hiding place. I get it, Hunny. Me and my long hair won’t bother your cute, perfect little brush ever again!

I know what you’re wondering. Why didn’t he just ask me not to use it? And better yet, why am I not even going to ask him why he didn’t ask me? Because I already know the answer(s). Given our relational history and the spot we’re at in our lives, he didn’t bother to ask me not to use his brush because a) it’s not that important to him, so he didn’t need to make it a bigger deal than it is, and more importantly, b) he knew he’d forget to ask me because we have other (hint: he remains toothless, but is trying to walk!) things to occupy us. Messages can’t be sent as clearly–say, in the form of a long conversation– as they could be 9 whole months ago. Either way, oddly, it makes me love our marriage even more. We get each other. And we certainly can have a laugh about things like this!

Don’t you just love love? The traveling hairbrush reminded me, once again, of why I love studying marital communication. Because it can be hilarious sometimes! And serious others. But it’s always important.