We’re thrilled if you’re saying “Whew. A new blog post finally!”

We’ve been saying “whew … the semester is finally over!” Don’t mistake the sentiment; we love what we do. Shaping young minds, educating the future, discussing dialectical theory & relational messages & the circumplex model of family functioning to a captive audience of 18 year olds. It’s beautiful. But also beautiful are cycles, including the magical academic calendar and yearly cycle (translation: Summer vacation!) With spring comes last day of classes, final exams, graduation, receptions, parties, happy hours, and many sweet notes from students thanking us for making an impact. And with spring comes a collective “whew” as we – students and professors – transition into a collective summer mood, enjoying up-close time with our gardens, children, friends … back porches, front stoops, neighbors … books, beach bags, and laptop computers (working on some new books … TBA soon!)

Can you see the “whew” on my face in this photo as I pose happily (front row, green clogs, pencil in my hand ready to grade all of those final papers). This was the last day of class in COMM222 (Interpersonal Communication). Loved this group. And my group of family communication students (although we forgot the camera on our last day). In case you’re wondering: Yes, that is a big Fat Lorenzo’s pizza box in the back row. You have to have a final-day-of-class-pizza-party. I love college.