Isn’t that what all 8 year olds want to be for Halloween? Funny, but my daughter crafted her costume for the upcoming Halloween holiday weeks ago. And as I was recently digging through old family photos, much to my delight I was reminded of the costume my mom crafted for me when I was 8 (I’m the one on the far right, next to my “scary” sister and “hunchy” brother). My students might say I haven’t quite outgrown that persona. I remind them: everyone has their role.

What persona are you taking on this week? If not one that involves a costume, why not take on a new persona at home or in your most loving relationship? For instance, if you’re often unkind, try being sugary sweet and gentle. If you’re grumpy, try being extra pleasant. If you frequently act indifferently to the ones you love, try expressing outward interest in their daily work. If someone asks why you’re acting strangely, simply use the upcoming Halloween holiday as an excuse. Then feel free to simply keep up with the new role long after Oct 31 comes and goes. Your marriage and family will be long-after happy you did.