Did you know that when you say that to someone, it’s actually a good thing? Well, news to me (Carol). I was just reading my course evaluations from teaching public speaking during our January term to a group of the most amazing first-years with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning/teaching. And, on the bottom of one of the evals after a number of very generous compliments above, was written the phrase: “Dr. Bruess is the $hit.” At first I was offended. Because to my eyes, that’s not a great thing to be. It means poop. bad. disgusting. darn it. not good. stinks. gross. offensive.

But (sigh of relief) I quickly found out by asking our nanny (and Anna, of course, who is young and hip and “in” the slang) that when you are “the ____”, you are the “bomb-diggity” (yes, I found out about a year ago that being the bomb-diggity is a good thing too).


I feel much better.